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  • Physical activity might be the missing piece in kids’ academic toolkits. The benefits are endless, including boosts in brainpower, creativity and test performance. http://participACTIONreportcard.com pic.twitter.com/C2q62LO7qA

  • Science students are mesmerized by the concept of real and virtual images.pic.twitter.com/4xv6rVfE2h

  • Grade 9 math students are using non-permanent surfaces as they collaborate to solve problems.pic.twitter.com/dwQChELV0f

  • Morning circle with a focus on executive function -flexibility, at #SagonaskaLDpic.twitter.com/f6SYuYc6nz

  • Spontaneous inquiry into #HurricaneFlorence #Studentledlearning #MakingMagicAtMTPSpic.twitter.com/g3U8qGINFr

  • Students are having a body break between lessons. Walked in to find #JustDance playing as students follow awesome moves. #GetUpandDance #BodyBreak #HealthyActiveSchoolspic.twitter.com/W3DmdUlzap

  • How fun is this!? @Curriculum_HPE #hpemath @TracyVanslyke @lesliejackett https://twitter.com/lfisherdowker/status/1042925390250090496 …

  • Our phones and Internet are currently down. #fridayproblems

  • Our very own @keelybrown_ shares her experiences using number talks to strengthen student math fluency. #HPEMathpic.twitter.com/ogOn6g3Yke

  • I love it when students independently choose their own tech to support their learning. Student is using their criteria to plan their culminating project of designing a sustainable city! #tech #innovative #thinking #sustainable @Kente_PS @HPEschoolspic.twitter.com/J4OnRCY5MU

  • Images of me presentations.pic.twitter.com/WePx5BUsqu

  • No time? No space? No equipment? No excuses. This workout can be done in less than 12 minutes without any exercise equipment. Try it now! https://bit.ly/2pjAUiD pic.twitter.com/IOHRmB8FZo

  • It's not just in your head. Stress, worry and anxiety are part of our everyday lives. So what's the best way to deal with it? https://bit.ly/2poxlYw 

  • Don’t ask which school has higher EQAO scores; ask what can we learn from EQAO data to help improve student achievement at our school.

  • Mrs. Rhode did shared reading today with JSKA. It was so much fun! We were searching for letters & words! #empowering #literacy #earlyreaders @PC_dolphinspic.twitter.com/WNWH052Bvp

  • Using loose bits to create a pirate picture. We worked together to label the picture. Literacy is all around!pic.twitter.com/mItmKcUW02

  • Barbeque Schmarmeque! Get your Deep Fry on!! Gator’s Food Truck is here and serving up some delicious deep fried Poutine! O yes you Canada! #MeettheTeacherandEatPoutinepic.twitter.com/4t00ca1i9d

  • These two are Mathamagicians! They mastered all of their times tables! Congratulations! #harmonyhuskies #hardworkpaysoffpic.twitter.com/nBACrQmVMW

  • I have been having a great time working in a kindergarten class for my placement! These drawings I get are just awesome!pic.twitter.com/nqm2dnlju5

  • We had a blast at WE Day today!! #WeDayTorontopic.twitter.com/8cxJrwVDQb