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  • Randi Vierich, Volunteer @MadocSchool, Jeff Walsh, Volunteer @bssnews Congratulations to all! 3/3

  • Mary Hutchinson, Teacher @Quinte_SS, Sarah Lanovaz, Volunteer @StirlingPS, Melanie Lee, Teacher @Parkdale73, Kelly Leveque, Volunteer @YorkRiverPS, Heather Molenaar, EA @Trenton_HS, Lesley Morgan, Teacher @CHSS1, Kirsten Neumann-Stephens, Teacher @CHSS1 2/3

  • Congratulations to the nine Great Place Award 2018 recipients. These individuals are being recognized for going above and beyond to support @HPEschools student achievement and well-being #GreatPlaceAwards 1/3pic.twitter.com/vhlGlbukc5

  • UPCOMING EVENT: Closing Weekend to Remember for @Quinte_SS. Quinte SS is closing at the end of June 2018. Closing Ceremony activities have been planned for Thursday, May 31, 2018 through to and including Saturday, June 2, 2018 http://hpedsb.on.ca/school-spotlight/event-closing-weekend-to-remember-for-quinte-secondary-school/ …pic.twitter.com/y2llLkmuK2

  • One of those days with amazing educators who are ready to say “I don’t know” and “How can we find out”. Inquiry modelled for all - Makerspace comes alive @PC_dolphinspic.twitter.com/uVmKbgyBVQ

  • And so it begins! #hpecompetencies @PC_dolphinspic.twitter.com/26yQkyJwGx

  • PCB Makerspace is a reality!!! So thrilling to see all visioning come to life. Bring on our creative problem solvers, design thinkers, entrepreneurs and 21C change makers! #hpecompetencies @PC_dolphins @MssChisholmpic.twitter.com/Be0Nb7wnLZ

  • Time-lapse LEGO wall installation @PC_dolphins Awesome build Mr Geller and Mr Murphy! @heatheryearwood @MssChisholmpic.twitter.com/s5mOkhi8a9

  • Join our team! Apply for an Educational Assistant (casual) position @HPEschools. Closing date is June 4/18 http://www.hpedsb.on.ca/uncategorized/educational-assistants-casual-closing-june-4-2018/ …pic.twitter.com/pj2e9LY41B

  • Amazing work Paige #HPEschoolswellbeing https://twitter.com/JenT15/status/998981259463462912 …

  • Quinte Adult Education is now open at the William R Kirk building, 224 Palmer Road, Belleville http://www.hpedsb.on.ca/students/distance-education/quinte-adult-education/ …pic.twitter.com/QtHEl5aL9Z

  • UPCOMING EVENT: Closing Celebrations for @MoiraSSnews have been planned Friday, May 25 & Saturday, May 26 http://www.hpedsb.on.ca/school-spotlight/event-closing-celebrations-for-moira-secondary-school/ …pic.twitter.com/QeTxdekxkG

  • Congrats to the grade 12 International Business students on a great day of critical thinking and debate. The world is in good hands! #hpecompetencies #inspiringexcellence @HPEschoolspic.twitter.com/QenrdVmsJb

  • Our construction and manufacturing students are building a bridge for O’Hara Mill Homestead and Conservation Area. Follow along with their progress and learning here: https://sites.google.com/apps.hpedsb.on.ca/building-bridges/ …pic.twitter.com/YiSYxlUQOm

  • Join our team! Apply for the Temporary Computer Network Technologist position @HPEschools. Closing date is May 23/18. http://www.hpedsb.on.ca/careers/support-staff/temporary-computer-network-technologist-closing-date-may-3-2018/ …pic.twitter.com/VrToB5BH2g

  • Grade 12 International Business students participating in the Free Trade of the America's Conference @isaiah_tubbs. @HPEschools #hpecompetencies #inspiringexcellencepic.twitter.com/RUxtUNuHvF

  • Assessing with conversation is a natural fit for French class.pic.twitter.com/u9aUiVH6jt

  • Destinations gr7 classes went to Gleaners Food Bank to help plant the organic garden that provides fresh vegetables for many families. Students prepared beds, worked in compost, planted seeds, and learned about plants that can help us protect bee & monarch butterfly populations.pic.twitter.com/ArwpseQJ2b

  • Yes! I love it. Well done https://twitter.com/artsbayside/status/998920192137814022 …

  • Randi Vierich, Volunteer @MadocSchool, Jeff Walsh, Volunteer @bssnews Congratulations to all! 3/3