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  • Join our team! Apply for the Staffing Officer – Recruitment & Retention position @HPEschools. Closing date is Fri., Feb 22 http://www.hpedsb.on.ca/careers/support-staff/staffing-officer-recruitment-and-retention/ …pic.twitter.com/29AGmGZ4po

  • Students taking the lead today!pic.twitter.com/wpfkBKlPJd

  • Crazy sock day! https://piccollage.com/_A5hVXruF pic.twitter.com/dfbbCaWELy

  • If you know a kid who shows signs of being recruited or groomed into human trafficking, call the provincial helpline: 1-833-999-9211 http://ontario.ca/HumanTrafficking … #KnowHumanTraffickingpic.twitter.com/jEnsdKPvA7

  • Did you know Healthy Smiles Ontario provides free check-ups, cleaning, and dental treatment for kids? Learn more: http://ontario.ca/healthysmiles pic.twitter.com/sIu3zb3flv

  • Senior healthy active living enjoying Irish soccer https://www.pscp.tv/w/bxIfUjFwempNQmdldlJkRWR8MVprS3prRWpyZFJHdnS9SzhCguOzjroYjtICoOiw30zabiwGSLjiZAk6lB9W …

  • And spending time with a buddy #HPEpossibilities https://twitter.com/mrsvellatps/status/1085969776734846977 …

  • Some pictures of the The Northern Outdoor Studies Open House! @NHHSRocks @LAChatzz @613Kristen @MrsKellyGreenpic.twitter.com/kVpR5dlWvV

  • Trustees Kyle & Hutchison learn about winter survival @NHHSRocks Northern Outdoor Studies Open House. Such knowledgable, articulate students! @HPEschoolspic.twitter.com/GzmigvVSEL

  • Kieran & Connor @NHHSRocks shared how much they enjoy experiential learning. Through the Northern Outdoor Studies course they contributed to their community by providing wood to those who might struggle to keep warm over the winter. Caring, inclusive citizens @HPEschoolspic.twitter.com/0mStyZL8Dw

  • Chain saw certification is just one of the many certifications earned by @NHHSRocks students in the Northern Outdoor Studies course. Thanks for sharing the importance of proper maintenance of the chain saw for safety & efficiency! Dynamic educational experiences @HPEschoolspic.twitter.com/oNO2ApomsW

  • pic.twitter.com/zC7y0Zbt5p

  • Ray @NHHSRocks explained what it means to have your ORKA certification. Students in the Northern Outdoor Studies course gain many certifications. Ray was proud to share his love for learning outside! Globally minded learners & leaders @HPEschoolspic.twitter.com/he3k5O3gTX

  • Thank you to our parents for donations necessary to build our Ice Castle and to continue the inquiry.pic.twitter.com/x2kzSHtyTm

  • And it will be a beautiful creation full of colours! #HPEpossibilities https://twitter.com/coehillschool/status/1086298264687861768 …

  • A super way to start a crisp winter morning! #HPEpossibilities https://twitter.com/eastside_ravens/status/1086085482079895553 …

  • Does this qualify as a new fiction category: YC (young children) instead of YA(young adult)? #HPEpossibilities https://twitter.com/mrgoulin/status/1085925475288039425 …

  • Sing your hearts out! Boogie on down @MHpedsb’s class! #HPEpossibilities https://twitter.com/mhpedsb/status/1086058136472031232 …

  • Congratulations to students & staff @NHHSRocks on the 20th Anniversary of the Northerm Outdoor Studies course! What an amazing Open House & celebration!pic.twitter.com/LxMu7eS37N

  • Great turnout from families and the community at the Northern Outdoor Studies program Open House at @NHHSRocks. TY all for coming #HPEpossibilities https://twitter.com/nhhsrocks/status/1086056145511313408 …