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  • Way to go everyone for supporting students #HPEfamlearns #HPEallstudentsfirst https://twitter.com/garden_rob/status/1245508953062154240 …

  • Woohoo, we support that, tune in if you can https://twitter.com/mrskellygreen/status/1245508596886011904 …

  • Just wait ‘til you see the at-home learning activities coming next week! https://twitter.com/hawkessarah/status/1245386083409551362 …

  • Way to get your groove on! https://twitter.com/clintonbreau/status/1245521519591272454 …

  • Challenge accepted and mission accomplished! Great work, Mrs. Tripp, Ayla and family:) @HPEschools #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamshares #HPEfamilystrongpic.twitter.com/blvQeiUyZC

  • Kids Help Phone’s Live Chat service is temporarily closed so we can provide more timely access to support through our other services. Remember, you’re never alone — we’re here for you! If you need support, text TALK to 686868 or call 1-800-668-6868 24/7.pic.twitter.com/BszTXlLtiQ

  • Emily and Lilly had fun making an obstacle course in their “fort” today! Great work, girls! @HPEschools #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamshares #HPEfamilystrongpic.twitter.com/kOYZnOSVXh

  • It's outdoor discovery time First , let's make some outdoor tools. Here are some items you can use in the picture below...we used items from our recycling.pic.twitter.com/AbNwQJ0TZn

  • This is a difficult time for children and their loved ones. Children are home from school/daycare and may be worried about themselves, their family and friends getting ill. Check out this fact sheet on how to talk to children about the pandemic. https://bit.ly/2WZTIpl pic.twitter.com/hkNdC5g1ry

  • Hey @skillsontario, here is Emerson’s play structure themed rollercoaster! #SkillsRollercoasterChallenge. #SkillsAtHome @HPEschools #HPEfamlearns @chss1pic.twitter.com/ko1G1YNvGP

  • My daughter's grade 1 teacher with @HPEschools reached out to see how we're doing. My daughter decided to respond with a video. #HPEatHome #HPEfamlearnspic.twitter.com/3xR5TIxygQ

  • Hey Ravens! We want to check in with you. Please consult your Google Classrooms and your http://apps.hpedsb.on.ca  email accounts. Let's get in touch!pic.twitter.com/2SdZ8iSU2B

  • Logan, as a 'Learning Buddy' to his siblings, demonstrates his planning and construction skills during their tower building challenge #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamideas #HPEfamilystrongpic.twitter.com/9zd6bEdRgj

  • ROLL-A-FACE! This is a lot of fun! Just need a dice....or use a generator online. Su-su-su-batiiiize as youtube star Jack Hartman would say:) Thanks for sharing Isabella and Amanda (mom)! @HPEschools #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamshares #HPEfamilystrongpic.twitter.com/jLndHtTmrJ

  • Nice work Sawyer!!! @HPEschools #HPEfamsharespic.twitter.com/4Tky7FCqIy

  • Here's the Jobson's obstacle course - from swings, using booster seats, sleds, chairs and hockey sticks, to trampoline:) @HPEschools #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamshares #HPEfamilystrongpic.twitter.com/qfV3nwzhiv

  • Mac, Aubrey & Corbin designed this obstacle course for their mom, Sarah! @HPEschools #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamshares #HPEfamilystrongpic.twitter.com/JkOUDU0wOt

  • pic.twitter.com/5Yn6YTq7IJ

  • "children are curious, capable, and confident" and when the right materials are in their environment, learning takes place naturally. Nick has been testing the idea of stability through creative building all week. #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamstrong #FDK #PLAYpic.twitter.com/scTF6zYcTx

  • Here is my outdoor video...exploring. It is fun...I am still learning too. We can do this together . @TyendinagaPS #HPEatHome #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamstrongpic.twitter.com/R2AEZ3q5EA