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  • This is a difficult time for children and their loved ones. Children are home from school/daycare and may be worried about themselves, their family and friends getting ill. Check out this fact sheet on how to talk to children about the pandemic. https://bit.ly/2WZTIpl pic.twitter.com/hkNdC5g1ry

  • Join us @ 10:30am (English) & 11:00am (en Francais) for our Facebook LIVE on @OpheaCanada! We will reveal today’s #DPAEveryday WORD of the day with a MOVEment of the day, sharing what this looks like in our homes & tips to keep you physically active while #PhysicalDistancing!pic.twitter.com/eYwLHPQHZ4

  • NEW - Look for ‘no tech’ and ‘low-tech’ learning activities coming your way in community newspapers this week!pic.twitter.com/iDoDafcwId

  • This is such an awesome idea ! If you or someone you know is missing someone during this time , what a perfect way to show them you care Mail a HUG ! We are all missing our students right now, every single day @StirlingPS #havefun #becreative #takepicturespic.twitter.com/rt1aY56cPU

  • Part 2. Pls RT #HPEfamLearnspic.twitter.com/muEO73w9eY

  • Watch this video fr Sean Montieth, Director of Education, an update about what to expect over next weeks. Apologies for b/g noise, gets better as wind dies down. We used the tools available to us at this time, cannot get into the building to access mics. Part 2 follows. Pls RTpic.twitter.com/pPv7bZLAg0

  • The Minister of Education @Sflecce letter to parents about the next phase of Learn at Home is on our website http://www.hpedsb.on.ca/2020/minister-of-education-letter-to-parents-about-the-next-phase-of-learn-at-home/ … #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamshares #HPEfamstrongpic.twitter.com/djJ3gT1H68

  • HPE students are amazing! Take a look at how students spent time learning at home last week. Continue sharing your learning activities #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamshares #HPEfamilystrong #HPEDSB_BeWellpic.twitter.com/8kYSypA2mO

  • All #HPEschools will remain closed until at least May 4. A letter to families about extended school closures is on our website http://www.hpedsb.on.ca/2020/letter-to-families-about-extended-school-closures/ …https://twitter.com/ONeducation/status/1245044141932916741 …

  • @HPEschools @StirlingPS Bested by my 12 year old! Didn't realize how much like chess this game is... #HPEfamlearnspic.twitter.com/97QECl5vU1

  • Everyone, be sure to check out your local newspapers later this week for our No Tech Learning Challenges of the Week. There are many ways to learn every day & students, we challenge you to push yourselves! When you can, please tweet any photos to #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamstrong

  • HPEDSB Parents: Our educators have assembled OVER 200 No Tech Required learning activities that are ready to go, JK through to high school. Visit https://sites.google.com/apps.hpedsb.on.ca/hpedsb-learning-at-home/no-tech-activities … for some learning alternatives to balance screen time. #HPEfamstrong #HPEallstudentsfirstpic.twitter.com/yp1NhSSjCK

  • To support students and families, we have added a direct link to the Kids Help Phone website on http://HPEschools.ca  #HPEDSB_BeWell #HPEfamshares #HPEfamilystrong @KidsHelpPhonepic.twitter.com/qLy8MebW0O

  • We know this is a stressful time for all, but for those households also managing mental health challenges, this can be so much more. Check out our latest blog for ideas to support the mental wellness of the whole family. https://www.cmho.org/blog/blog-news/6519925-the-march-break-that-never-ends-supporting-your-family-s-mental-wellness … #kidscantwaitpic.twitter.com/Qtag5lk8In

  • We've added #FAQs to our website about #COVID19, #schoolclosures and more http://www.hpedsb.on.ca/2020/faqs-for-covid-19-school-closures-and-more/ …pic.twitter.com/ik4kM2iDM6

  • Check out this step-by-step video on how to connect to over 100 educator-verified free resources on the HPEDSB Learning at Home website. Direct link http://bit.ly/HPE_learnathome  #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamstrong #HPEDSB_BeWellpic.twitter.com/0pwyKvG3nx

  • Sesame Street Launches New Coronavirus Resources For Kids And Parents https://ift.tt/39lUPCm  https://ift.tt/39lUPCm pic.twitter.com/dBbiOXbB41

  • We hope everyone in our Stirling Stinger community is staying healthy! If your family requires help with food or other items, please call the Hastings County Intake Access Centre at 613-771-9630 or 1-866-414-0300. #togetherwearebetter #supporteachother #stayhealthystaystrong

  • A fun activity to try indoors or out today. Thanks @HarryJClarkePS for sharing! https://twitter.com/harryjclarkeps/status/1243166997204144128 …

  • We've added #FAQs to our website about #COVID19, #schoolclosures and more http://www.hpedsb.on.ca/2020/faqs-for-covid-19-school-closures-and-more/ …