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  • Check community newspapers for week 10 no-tech learning activities (new ads each week) @BancroftTWeek @Community_Press @CntyWeeklyNews @NapaneeBeaver @Gazettenews @Trentonian @WellingtonTimes Tweed News #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamshares #HPEfamstrong pic.twitter.com/aMglShDMqt

  • Our K teams went on a birthday parade for all their students who had birthdays in May! Special memories for both students, families and staff during our distance learning! #BetterTogether #PCT_WildcatPride #HPEatHome pic.twitter.com/qKhFMNd92X

  • We are looking forward to welcoming our new JK Wildcats to our PCT family! Check out our video for more information about our school and our play based Kindergarten program #PCT_WildcatPride youtube.com/watch?v=faX_Tm…

  • Our staff are working hard to offer a variety of learning experiences as part of their online classrooms, including a Zen Den, writing a chain story, virtual libraries and interactive choice boards to differentiate student needs and interests #PCT_WildcatPride #HPEatHome pic.twitter.com/XegCEg3Ds2

  • Our support staff are offering 'comfort connection' phone calls, virtual speech and language support and regular learning interventions! We are proud of their efforts to stay connected and to support our students and families! #PCT_WildcatPride #HPEatHome pic.twitter.com/JcTwuwNwpX

  • Wow the weekly art work created by students in 2B is on display at a virtual Art Gallery! Thanks so much to our staff for embracing home learning and finding creative ways to stay connected and celebrate our students #PCT_WildcatPride #HPEatHome pic.twitter.com/lrvGnYlOt7

  • We are very thankful to our families as they are supporting many diverse learning experiences. We celebrate the fact that life presents learning opportunities! #HPEatHome #HPEfamilies #PCT_WildcatPride pic.twitter.com/Vmg10xiUaj

  • To support #HPEfamilies, we're adding new #FAQs, #HPEDSB_BeWell mental health resources and other information about #COVID19 and #schoolclosures to our website on a regular basis bit.ly/HPE_COVID-19FA… #HPEDSB_BeWell pic.twitter.com/evzKgGjnSf

  • Check community newspapers for week 9 no-tech learning activities (new ads each week) @BancroftTWeek @Community_Press @CntyWeeklyNews @NapaneeBeaver @Gazettenews @Trentonian @WellingtonTimes Tweed News #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamshares #HPEfamstrong pic.twitter.com/c7PVTfnaHc

  • A letter from Sean Monteith, Director of Education to families about schools remaining closed, continuity of learning hpedsb.on.ca/2020/directors… pic.twitter.com/E8E3SHTUuX

  • Staff and students had fun showing school spirit as part of our Crazy Hair Day! Keep the pictures coming we love seeing your creativity and making connections! #HPEatHome #PCT_WildcatPride pic.twitter.com/RmUqFm4bTr

  • As part of our PCT Crazy Hair & Crazy Hat Spirit Day, staff demonstrated their presenting skills in Google Meet using Chrome Canvas. Can you guess the word Mr. Baker was illustrating? If you guessed 'student' you are correct! #HPEatHome #PCT_WildcatPride pic.twitter.com/9xVnwBMDWt

  • Check community newspapers for week 7 no-tech learning activities (new ads each week) @BancroftTWeek @Community_Press @CntyWeeklyNews @NapaneeBeaver @Gazettenews @Trentonian @WellingtonTimes Tweed News #HPEfamlearns #HPEfamshares #HPEfamstrong pic.twitter.com/v3sskKTxcv

  • As we reach the end of #childrensmentalhealthweek and #CYWWEEK remember that social workers and child and youth workers are here for #HPEschools students. Watch some positive messages from a few of our CYWs #HPEDSB_BeWell #MentalHealthWeek pic.twitter.com/KG8CsZHaX9

  • Our K classes connected by sharing their stuffies with each other! #virtualhugs for everyone! #HPEDSBtogether #HPEatHome pic.twitter.com/LLE4UMnNAO

  • ‘Going’ to school in 2020! Thanks so much to our amazing staff who are expanding their teaching skills and our dedicated students for being open to learning differently! #HPEDSBtogether #HPEatHome #PCT_WildcatPride pic.twitter.com/G01rBW4vhk

  • Love it Skyler! #HPEDSBtogether twitter.com/NikkiBiniaris/…

  • Our K staff went on a 'Birthday Parade' to celebrate the birthdays that have occurred in their classrooms since our home learning began #HPEDSBtogether #HPEatHome #PCT_WildcatPride pic.twitter.com/TVafjqjyfK

  • Mr. Baker, our PCT Music teacher, shared his passion for composing and performing with our students to celebrate Music Monday...thought others may enjoy! #HPEDSBtogether #HPEatHome drive.google.com/file/d/1NEHqYG… pic.twitter.com/sfZEGpqSTF

  • Enter to WIN our ‘STUDENT NUTRITION AT HOME’ contest! Show us your student nutrition at home! Take a photo of a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack and tag it with the hashtag #studentnutritionathome pic.twitter.com/8WQNYKtCkr